About Derek

My name is Derek Tremblett. I am the owner and founder of DJT Strategic Partnerships and I welcome you to my website.

I have spent over 28 years in the business world and I have learned a tremendous amount during my journey. I have travelled the world as a humble student and have been the understudy of tremendous commercial talent. From my time at Waste Management, to KPMG, and several global and small companies throughout my career, I have learned about what it takes to be successful. One thing I grabbed onto early on was that leaders are developed, not born, and that it’s a lifetime activity. And so from the very beginning that was my goal – to be a successful leader. To gain a better understanding of the companies and experience, please visit my LinkedIn page.

I was taught that the key to success involves three main ingredients, “PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE”. I took this with me and employed it throughout my career. I think of major presentations delivered in Germany or England in front of my colleagues and peers, to large scale events and in board room meetings. I am always prepared and ready for anything that may come my way.

These days, I work to support my client’s goals and objectives. Using experience, tools and skills that I have learned throughout my career. I partner with my clients to identify opportunity and focus on accelerating profitable growth. For specific services and to better understand how I may assist you, please see my service offerings.

Most recently, I work with an independent LLC in Michigan called Metals Preservation Group. My role is to assist with growth in Mexico which we launched in 2016. Since that time, MPG Anti-Corrosivos de Mexico has become a major competitor with an established distribution network, employees, strategic partners, sales agents, accounting, brokerage, warehousing and logistics.

I’m a graduate of St. Clair College of Applied Arts and Technology (Windsor, Ontario – 1989 though 1993) in the Business and Marketing program where I was Director of Student Council, a recipient of the Presidents and Student Leadership Medals as well as the Andy Foss Marketing Award and HR Management Award at OCMC. I was also President of Toastmasters International on Campus. In 2002, I attended Henley Management College UK in the Executive Management Program – International Business. I am the proud father of 6 successful children and enjoy every minute with them and consider being a good father the most important of all of my roles in life. My wife and I enjoy spending time with our children and look forward to all of the milestones a large family provides.

If you have any questions or would like to chat about opportunities for partnership please feel free to contact me using the email form below.