Partnership Services

When considering new markets and methods to grow the business, companies often look to the following:

1. Expanding product lines or services

2. Hiring more sales people

3. Opening new locations or divisions

4. New warehouses for stock and distribution efficiency

5. Acquisition or Merger

Any one of these approaches may be successful. However, they inherently involve considerable time and human resource, financial investment, and an uncertain ROI timeframe.

DJT Strategic Partnerships understands growth challenges. As founder and CEO, I have personally worked with large international firms with billions in annual revenue, and with small businesses that are just starting out. Throughout, I have gained a solid understanding of how to enter new domestic or international markets by identifying and leveraging new relationships.

I have discovered that while building business organically is an option for continual growth, securing partner resources is simply a better one.”

Our focus is on helping clients to establish relationships between outside enterprises with a goal to improve overall product and service offering, create stronger more efficient distribution channels, and improve your market position within short periods of time. These goals are achievable by collaborating with outside companies and agents that augment your business goals for growth.


1. Understand the client structure and current state

2. Identify desired future state

3. Map out how to achieve future state through strategic partnerships

4. Match partnerships that are mutually beneficial to achieve future state

5. Execution of 3S Business Principles

Profitable results within the shortest period

Partnerships with complementary capabilities that allow our clients to gain access to new markets and distribution channels, with reduced risk and investment.

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