What work partners have stated throughout my career...

I have known Derek Tremblett for over twenty years and I continue to be impressed with his abilities to understand and help improve organizations. He is one of the very best sales and marketing individuals I have worked with in my career. He brings a common sense approach to difficult problems facing organizations and offers solutions that are extremely value added.
Michael Delisle
President & CEO at The Registrar Company

For almost 20 years I have had the pleasure to work with Derek. During our Time at TUV he demonstrated great leadership while implementing new sales strategies and sales models that helped to overachieve targets. He was also instrumental in developing and growing business in new markets & countries such as Mexico and Canada. If you are looking for a person you can trust to grow your business, Derek is the person to choose.
Prof. Dr. Ulf Martensmeier
Director TUV America

DJT excels in marrying client orientation with business sustainability. Given the challenges to conventional business approaches presented by the pandemic and the ongoing recovery, it is encouraging to remain collaborative over many years with professionals like Derek that consistently bring new ideas to their clients. He's a consumate professional and a turn-to person for managing change toward long term success.
Lucien Cattrysse
Director - Sustainability and Risk Services at PwC Canada
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I have worked closely with Derek for a number of years on initiatives to introduce Cortec products into our concrete maintenance processes. Derek has been a knowledgeable and diligent partner in our initiatives and been great to work with.
Senior electrical distribution utility executive

Derek was a direct report to me at BSI Management Systems. While on the team his functions included selling to and managing our Major Accounts. His exceptional success in that function was rewarded with a promotion to Area Sales Manager. Derek always demonstrated a great understanding of our products and how to bring value to our clients. He was a strong leader in his role as Sales Manager. He was well liked; highly respected and always eager to help his own direct reports. Derek is unique in his abilities; combining excellent selling skills with an ability to transfer those skills to his sales team. I would recommend Derek to anyone looking for an excellent business partner.
Pat Arace
Chairman Advisory Board at Veterans Institute of Technology L.L.C.

Derek, the consumate professional. I had the pleasure of working with Derek at BSI Management Systems. During our time we were in constant change with objectives that a talented person would consider more than a reach. Derek consistently exceeded his goals while contributing daily to the team as a key leader. I delight in saying of the hundreds of personnel I have had the pleasure to work with he is one of the very best. If you need someone to count on, include Derek.
Ronald D. Mathis, CMS
Member Board Of Directors at Accessible Diagnostics, LLC

In the way of background, I am part of the faculty within the Department of Food Science, University of Guelph and currently hold the position of Associate Professor in Food Safety. I have been at the University of Guelph since 2002 and have broad research interests that includes decontamination technologies within the food sector. I have known Mr Tremblett for approximately 8 months as a collaborating partner on projects relating to the application of ozone sanitizer in the food industry. I found Mr Tremblett very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the application of sanitizers in the food industry. He also was the driving force to identify funding opportunities and preparing proposals. Mr Tremblett also provided excellent technical support in trials performed within my laboratory and frequently came over to the University to facilitate the study. On a personnel level, I found Derek an approachable, helpful and genuine person with excellent communication skills. He would be an asset to any company and can be relied upon to accomplish tasks set. This comes through in reviewing Mr Tremblett’s CV that clearly demonstrates his broad range of experience and leadership skills.
Dr. Keith Warriner
University of Guelph
Director of the Food Safety and Quality Program
Department of Food Science